Agency Admission and Allocation


 United Way of Pottawatomie County, Inc. maintains an open door policy concerning applications from agencies seeking affiliation and endorses the concept of funding projects within agencies. 



The Board of Directors is responsible for making decisions on agency admissions to United Way. The Board of Directors makes it’s decision based on the recommendation from the Admissions & Allocation Committee. 



 To participate in the admissions review process, an agency must meet the following criteria: 

1. Must be a non-profit agency as defined by the Internal Revenue Service in Title 501(c)[3] of it’s code. 

2. Must complete an annual 990 income tax return. (those organizations such as faith based groups that are not required to do so by the IRS must still complete the form and submit to the United Way. This document shows overhead/administration versus actual program costs). 

3. Must provide an annual audit if your organization has revenue of $100,000 or greater. Those agencies having revenue less than $100,000 submit a financial statement and prior year’s tax return. 

4. Must provide services in the Pottawatomie, Seminole or Lincoln county service area. 

5. Must establish that it is performing a needed service to the community not being provided by any other United Way agency. Must execute agency Agreement with United Way of Pottawatomie County, Inc. 

6. Must agree to not launch Capital Campaign Kickoffs September 1 thru November 19th . 

7. Must agree to non-solicitation of employee groups in the work place year-round via payroll deduction. 

8. Must have a financial support program that demonstrates community acceptance and agency stability. 

9. Must agree to lend strength to United Way through support of its campaign and through publicity of its United Way affiliation. 

10. Must provide a copy of your Oklahoma State Charitable Organization Registration from Secretary of State. 



Agencies seeking admission to United Way of Pottawatomie County must submit and return an application by the specified due date. During the admissions process, the Allocation Committee will schedule brief meetings with each applicant. Agencies will make formal presentations and respond to questions, and are encouraged to have board and staff representation for the presentation. At the conclusion of agency reviews, the Committee will identify applicants felt to be appropriate for United Way funding. The Committee will make specific individual agency allocation recommendations to the United Way Board of Directors. Those recommendations are based on total funds available, specific needs of individual agencies, and services provided by the agencies. Upon acceptance by the Board, agencies will be notified of their approval for funding as soon as possible. 



The admissions and allocations process is designed to provide optimum accessibility to agencies pursuing United Way affiliation. The committee’s assessments are critical and represent the first line of accountability for United Way to the community. The responsibility is made more difficult because of its competitive nature. Invariably, worthy agencies apply for more United Way support than available money will permit. Failure to be approved for funding or failure to obtain the requested level of funding through the process should in no way be construed as a criticism or indictment of an agency’s program.